The unpredictability of life can bring unexpected challenges; from natural disasters to a PR nightmare and from a computer hack to terrorist attack. In the first crucial minutes, we often have to rely on ourselves.

Investing in self-defense and crisis management training is just as important as education, healthy eating, and saving money. With the right knowledge and skills, you can face any disaster. Don't wait until it's too late.... 

Invest in your safety and security today!

Study in you own time

No classes you have to go to. Study in the comfort of your own home

44 years of experience

Enjoy the power of decades of practical experience and researched information condensed in several short courses

Preparation is a choice

Invest in self reliance for extreme situations and give yourself and the ones that rely on you a better chance of survival

What can you expect to learn?

Courses focussed on : escape & evasion, armed & unarmed combat, Counter terorrism, Cyber self defense,  Medical training, Scenario training, mental preparation.

Physical self defense is just a small portion of what we focus on. We believe that you only fight if there is no other alternative. Which is why we invest in knowledge

Whatever self defense system you train, the IWAT training is meant as an additional system, something to expand your knowledge.

" Very informative, in my work, I regularly defend people who have something to do with weapons, and it is good to learn more about their perspective. In addition, in my work in Africa, etc., I often encounter a drunken soldier with an AK47, and through this course, I now feel a little more in control. Highly recommended for people in my profession."

Carolien Buisman
ICC Lawyer-Advocate

"Well-structured lesson with many useful tips. However, the strength lies in repetition. Otherwise, you will not be able to master the acquired material well."

John Davidse
Group Commander 'Log-welen KLPD/ DWP

"Good structure with practical videos. Realize that regular ITB training is not sufficient. Positively experienced and educational. (essential in police skills) Good final scenario with shield procedure."

Chief Officer, KLPD

"After having participated in IWAT's 'Gun Survival Course'; I feel that I have been given a practical and unique perspective to the very real dangers surrounding gun safety. Bas brings a clear and well-organized message; using a multi-angled and hands-on approach, I felt he over-delivered on any expectations I had going into it. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you Bas, and thank you IWAT. "

Kris Butler
123 A better me

"I have experienced the course and the instructor's knowledge as good, and it has significantly changed my perspective on the use of the knife."

Bjorn Kusters,
Military, Deputy Group Commander

"I found today very informative, and I believe that if you carry a firearm, you should do this training monthly or quarterly, also with role-playing scenarios. The course leader was enthusiastic and passionate about his field, and I definitely recommend this training. I learned that even in the most intense situations, you still have a chance. Thank you."

Irene Bouws

"It was really interesting. I learned how to react in situations where there is aggression and weapons. For my work, I frequently travel to countries where kidnappings and robberies are common, and this training gave me more confidence for these trips. The training was with a small group of people, and the advice and training were practical and realistic. I hope to do a similar training in the future, perhaps in the Mental course area, to be more aware of what happens to me in extreme stress situations and how to handle them."

Sander van Hattem
Agricultural specialist

"I had already heard and seen some things about knife fighting on the internet. I found it very interesting because it can happen in daily practice (reports, etc.). I look at knives differently now (big and small). As I said, it's mostly about awareness."

Police Officer, KLPD

"The training was very interesting and good. A very good addition for people who already do martial arts. But for people who have never practiced martial arts or have never done anything with any weapon, this can be an eye-opener. Both in the awareness of danger and the possibilities you have if you find yourself in such a situation. Acting is always better than nothing, where it is necessary. If you don't have to act, make sure you get away."

Mohamed Zemmouri
Martial artist

"Disarmaments. Especially when the opponent resists. It's not easy. You get a very good insight into what is possible and what works and what doesn't. I also found the scenario training very useful. You really get an impression of how it works in reality. Bas knows how to explain the difference between martial arts and reality very well. He also knows how to convey the techniques well. After his course, I got a good picture of firearms and the harsh reality of this field."

Alonso Maggiolo
Martial artist

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